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Hmmmmm i suppose i will take resposability 4 this site! well wots left of it! urm...... by the way its Abz!
i like the funky brain thingy i will keep it hehehe

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Ooh! Blimey!

This is a guy is josh and he doesnt want 2 be friends wi me anymore 4 no apparent reason so i thought i would put this pic of him on hear coz he doesnt like it
*tee hee*.
Oh and he thinks he is ACE!

Katie fancys sum1....

Claire fancy sum1 else....

Rosie is my lesbo lover!!

And every1 nos who i fancy... or do they?!

By the way ur all still bitches 4 deleting most of the stuff on the site but i cant help but love u gays i mean.... guys!

Go on the photo page its got urm..... people on!

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